Countries Visited, Epic Journeys & Wish List

Here are the countries I’ve been to so far.  Many only once and only one city or place, but at least I’ve had a taste!  I will keep adding to this page!  Click on the place name to see more details on my visit(s) there.  Also here are links to some of the incredible journeys I’ve made:


Austria   Azerbaijan   Belgium     The Channel Islands    Croatia      Czech Republic     England     Estonia     Finland      France   Gibraltar   Germany      Greece      Hungary       Iceland    Ireland (Eire)      Isle of Man      Italy      Malta      Monaco      Netherlands     Northern_Ireland      Norway     Poland      Portugal     Russia     Scotland      Slovenia      Slovakia      Spain     Sweden     Switzerland   Vatican City     Wales


Bangladesh    Brunei     Cambodia      China     Hong Kong     India      Indonesia     Japan      Korea North      Korea South    Laos     Macau      Malaysia      Mongolia       Myanmar    Philippines      Singapore      Sri Lanka      Taiwan      Thailand    Uzbekistan  Vietnam

Australasia & Pacific

Australia      Guam     New Zealand

Middle East

Iraq     Jordan   Qatar     United Arab Emirates


Botswana       Egypt      Kenya      Malawi     Morocco      South Africa      Tanzania      Zambia      Zimbabwe

North America & the Caribbean 

Canada   USA     Jamaica

South America

Incredible Journeys

Gap Year in South-East Asia & Australia (1994)

Inter-railing in Europe (1995)

Africa Overland (1998)

Hong Kong to London Overland (2005)

Eastern USA (2015)

My Travel Wish List

It could probably just read: Everywhere, however, there are places that are definitely in my sights and places I am keen to get to at some point.

Europe: Portugal, Denmark, tiny countries of San Marino, Litchenstein, Andorra, Romania, Bulgaria

Middle East: more of Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Iran, Turkey

Asia: Tibet, other parts of Indonesia, Nepal, back to Bangladesh, back to India, Maldives, Bhutan

Africa: Uganda, Ghana, Tunisia, Namibia, back to Botswana for the Okavango Delta, Ethiopia, back to Egypt for the Nile and western desert, Madagascar,

N. America: Mexico, back to the USA to see other parts, especially the Grand Canyon, Alaska

Central America & Caribbean: Belize, Costa Rica, the Panama Canal, Ruta Maya, Cuba

S. America: Peru to see Manchu Pichu, Salt flats of Bolivia, Lake Titikaka, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Equador – Galapagos, The Falkland Islands,

Pacific: Hawaii, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa, Cook Islands, French Polynesia and my ULTIMATE DREAM DESTINATION: EASTER ISLAND!