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Resort Holiday with a Twist in the Tail

We just got back from a quick 3 day break in Cebu, Philippines. Unusually for us we stayed in a resort as we were there for such a short time….

Icy coastline

Destination: Iceland

Our family Christmas present to ourselves was a short trip to Iceland. Between Christmas and New Year we found ourselves hopping over from the UK. T. wanted to see snow…

Angkor Wat Run

Angkor Wat Run

Last week I took part in the International Angkor Wat half-marathon in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Truth be told, I actually did a 10k run. I had signed up for the…

gorgeous coastline

Destination: Jamaica

During our USA road trip this summer we hopped over to Jamaica for 4 days. We went with my friend, Sandi who is from Jamaica. She hadn’t been for 17…

Cheese, bread, vegetables and dips including honey, jams and yogurts. Delicious!

Eating in Azerbaijan

“So what did you eat?” – pretty much the second question asked to us after our trip to Azerbaijan. (The first being – “Azerbai-what? Where’s that?”) Two words come to mind…

The stones come in different shapes including the well-know hexagons

Destination: Northern Ireland

Completing my collection of “The British Isles” we went to Northern Ireland last summer for a quick 4 day break.  For a person who grew up in England under the…


Destination: Qatar

We spent a grand total of 20 hours in Qatar during the summer of 2013 on our way back from Morocco to Hong Kong. Not the ideal time of year…


2014 – My year by me, not Google or Facebook

The recent ‘It’s been a great year’ photo albums created for me by Google and Facebook got me thinking about the year as it ends. It’s been a seriously amazing…

view from the hotel pool - it was tough!

Country Number 70!

I made it. I managed to achieve my goal to visit 70 countries (a.k.a. Travel Destinations) before I turned 40 at the start of November this year. The pacific island of…

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 11.11.27 PM

Mud, Rocks and Fire: Our introduction to Azerbaijan

Here is my first post after our trip to Azerbaijan.  Andrew and I headed there for a week just after school finished. It was a busy week and we saw…