Join me as I try to Run the World! I hope to complete a run on every continent before I turn 50. I started in Asia, my current continent of residence. A 1km Junior run with Taliya was my first one of the decade. A great and fun start to my new goal.

I hope to finish 2015 running a half-marathon around Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Watch this space to see where I end up!

This combines travel and running – perfect!!  I hope to find quirky runs as well as physically challenging ones.  There are runs in the Arctic as well as the Antartica – the latter is already booked for the next 2 years and is rather expensive, so I’ll need to do some fundraising for that. There’s one on Easter Island (my ultimate dream destination). The Medoc Run takes place in a French wine region and wine features heavily – definitely got to do that one!

My runs have already kicked off with the “Beat the Banana” 1km Junior run which I completed with Tali on Sunday 15th March 2015. I have recently completed a 6k on 28th March and just registered for a 10k in Florida. I’m excited about my new goal. I’ll create a page for posts related to this on this blog and might also create a facebook page. Watch this space…

I hope that this is a goal in which others can get involved too. Wanna join me? There are lots of different ways to do this and it doesn’t have to involve you wearing lycra…

  • Join me on a run (OK, so this could involve lycra)
  • Join me at a place where I will run (you can take photos!)
  • Suggest a run for me to complete
  • Suggest a charity or cause that I run for or raise awareness for
  • Suggest a place for me to run in or along. I don’t think all my runs will be ‘official’ races. I really hope to run along the avenue of Baobab trees in Madagascar.
  • Send me a pair of socks to run in, though I can’t guarantee that I’ll wear both at the same time 😉