About Me

One of my more memorable, amazing and slightly surreal travel experiences. I’m an art teacher of British extraction currently living in Hong Kong.  I’m a wife, mother and dog owner to 2 slightly ‘special needs’ dogs.    I’m blogging to share some of my diverse experiences, ideas, tips and thoughts about the key interests in my life.  This includes art, travel, being an expat, Hong Kong, parenting and any thing else that crops up.

Wanna know a bit more?  Here are 10 things to know about me:

1) Born in France to English parents I grew up as an expat – it is my natural state!

2) So far I’ve lived in France, England, Russia, China and Hong Kong.

3) I speak English and French fluently and have smatterings of Spanish, Russian, Cantonese and Mandarin.

4) Passionate about art and teaching – being an art teacher is not a job – it’s fun!

5) ‘Collecting’ countries is my other big passion. I’ve been to 72 and still definitely counting!

6) Being a parent is probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and continue to do.

7) I love singing and am not shy to perform if given the chance.

8) The e-reader is a fabulous invention – my kindle goes everywhere with me.

9) I am an occasional tour guide taking people around Hong Kong.

10) I really enjoy German cinema (old and new)