Introducing my new Art website

Now that I am on my self-directed sabbatical this year I have some time to tackle things I have wanted to do for a while. One of those things has been to split my blog. I started my blog as a general one about my life. I now find that it has too many aspects to it and I’ve decided to set up a site and blog dedicated to the art part of my life. That is me as an art educator and as an artist. The new site appropriately named Katherine Chiu Art is now live and is a place me to:

  • Showcase past and current art projects I have done with students
  • My online CV and portfolio as a teacher
  • Show my own artwork (when I manage to create some)
  • Blog about current issues in art, and events in the art and art education world.

Click here to check out Katherine Chiu Art.

Feel free to keep up with me and my art there, though I might well post here occasionally about art stuff. Expat Kath will continue to be here and I will post about Hong Kong, my travels and other things that come my way. Upcoming posts include: Destination: East USA (finally a post about my epic summer road trip) and Running in Angkor (about the run I’m doing in Angkor Wat this weekend). Keep reading!