Isle of Man

Actually not part of the United Kingdom (though it does rely on the UK for defence and the Queen is the head of state, her title being “Lord of Mann”) a visit here in the summer of 2012 clocked me up another country.  This small island is slightly past it’s Victorian heyday, but is a nice place to visit if you want something quiet.

When: July 2012 on a 2 week England tour

Where: Douglas (the capital), day trips to Peel and Castletown

Who: with A. & T.

How: We took the 3 hour ferry from Liverpool to Douglas and back. Getting around we took the bus, the steam train and the horse drawn tram.

Weather: UK summer – some days sunny, sometimes rainy

Food: Some good pub grub in Peel and Castletown, though we really struggled to find decent places to eat in Douglas.

Sights: The castles in Peel and Castletown were the highlights for me

Surprises: the island has it’s own currency: Manx pounds exactly 1:1 with the British pound, but the currency cannot be used on the UK mainland and must exchanged!

Tips: Have a go at all the forms of transport